The View from Splinter Cottage

everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

Tornado Watch, Horses, Pastures, Bucks County, PA

A Tornado Watch and the Horses in the Pasture.               (Another View from Splinter Cottage)   The most beautiful light, luminescence really, usually occurs when the weather is about to hit the skids. Last week, was an emergency tornado watch and as I was driving home I saw that light I associate with the weather’s goodbye kiss. The light in contrast change color temperatures.. Read More

a resting place

Bill George, co founder of TOUCHSTONE theatre, & I have enjoyed a long relationship combining journalism & theater. Last year, we met at a diner & he asked me if I’d be interested in producing the publications for a play they are constructing based upon the history and reminiscences of Civil War Veterans in three cemeteries in Bethlehem Pa.