The View from Splinter Cottage

everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

for years, I worked on behalf of IBM Identity, visually.

The is a priviledge view of a system that worked. IBM. A short story bordering on a novella. Welcome to the Time Machine. The whole of years ago I had a privileged look into a society that worked. What follows is from about 12 years contracting with IBM Corporation, in its prime. The first megabit chip, the miracle of fiber optic transmissions reducing heat and installation problems, the simple servicing.. Read More

Solstice – Chinatown H.Scott Heist

   Of course, it has to do with light. Our trap is ending. The rumors have been exaggerated. Soon we can see again.  That year it was cold. As Pennsylvania Decembers are supposed to be. A friend visited. Shelter from the Noir. On solstice I drove her back to the Chinatown bus. Through the cold. In the shortest day of the year. Took two Ma-1 flight jackets along with a.. Read More