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everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

Bridges as Heritage & a promise between generations … for your considerations: The Bucks County PA Covered Bridges

    “Back to bridges.  Which I see as a promise between one generation and the next. And that 32 feet per second per second is a natural law to consider daily in the simple passage from one place to another. That natural law is not a threat or penalty, but rather the reality that holds us together. We are a part of it, like the Lenape holy areas ….. Read More

The River, the bridge, the fisherman, the fish, and the blonde lady in the loud car with the top down and the inevitable fuss of 1904.

In Spring the sun gets hot. The shad run the Delaware and the fisherman, sports cars and the flowers come out. The order isn’t carved in stone. The Reigelsville, Pa. to Reigelsville N.J. suspension bridge was built in 1904 replacing the wooden bridge which had been swept away by the grand flood of 1903. It lasted, the wooden bridge that is, some 70 years and that seems good enough by.. Read More