the pleasures & terrors of an honest reportage are that each time one returns; one sees something new.


Alexander Calder at his last installation: WHITE CASCADES
long time ago I went to photograph Alexander Calder always liked the work of good engineers.


Phil Powell studied Engineering at Drexel U and made furniture into art...


I knew Phil since I was a kid & did a number of articles about him,


my favorite entitled "A Few Well Choosen Woods" ........
Phil always used the natural color of his woods.
Being raised with artists created a world based upon thought. Eclipsing age, time, and geography.
being raised with Pennsylvania Colonial furnature produced an aestethic of light ,
capbable of careesing¬† hand finished dreams †thoughts became realities
Another friend: Bill George and I have been involved in theatrical conspiracies
for more years than I'm willing to count. I designed the logos and posters when Bill & his wife Bridget
put together the Touchstone Theatre Group. We worked in prisons together & on IBM projects as here.
I often used his mime personal to speak on behalf of mulitple demographics.



Other times, the art was there without even knowing the artist.
People act d


ifferently when they know
they will appear in a publication photograph. The kind of mugging
we see all the time currently.
McLuhan said; "the media becomes the messege". There goes journalism
and professional correspondence.
Media sandwiches anything new with marketing and hype producing yet
another consumable cliche. It is the banality that bothers me.
That actors are interviewed rather than the folks they portray.
I thought the press kit photograph along with the banal obit,
fit right inwith the used car ads. McLuhan & the paint brush.
And that's what happens when we forget about art. And what it means to us.


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