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everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

H. scott heist

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How “Lassie Come Home” Came Home … settle back, journeys take some time.

Its Pennsylvania’s Bucks County … known for its Arts community who played the markets of New York City and Philadelphia off each other. Up Winding Road, down Ghost Mountain, is Spring House Lane. Where Eric & Jere Knight made their home. Here Eric Knight wrote”Lassie, Come Home” & they lived with Toots the prototype Lassie … Toots named after Eric’s teasing Nickname for Jere if she became too proper…. Jere.. Read More

New YoRkers, broken loaves, Ginseng or Chicken Soup … what the hell, the whole crew of us is right here in fantasy land.

… The contradictions of New York City are its heartbeat .. the memories … unforgetable my friend from the NYU days said: “but its not that way any more.” Strangely, I was visiting my best friend from Paris in New York , as we talked about being kids she came into conversation … at MOMA … likely hadn’t been mentioned in conversation for more than 40 years. We were teenagers.. Read More