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Hi, I’m Scott Heist & I hope you can spend sometime with us. (This is a work in progress & your comments are truly appreciated) Splinter Cottage has been both home and concept to H. Scott Heist for more than 25 years. Scott has produced visual and text content for worldwide publications as a photojournalist, publication photographer, essayist and creative director for The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Lee Iacocca’s Institute and IBM Corporation among others. As a journalist, or perhaps better yet: a correspondent, in visual and written reportage. Today many of the prints are included in major museum permanent collections including La Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris & The James Michner Museum. Museum grade prints are available in both silver and iris.

And I am certainly working… every chance I get. If there is something I can do for you, lets talk. Advertising clients have ranged from Amex to Xerox with IBM in between. Lots of work has been done in the arts and sciences for major universities,foundations,and philanthropies, and the publications that report upon them like the Chronicle of Higher Education & The Chronicle of Philanthropy. Niche learning institutions like Ecole Jacques Lecoq International in Paris have been among our finest experiences.

Believing that the photograph was the most plastic and truthful medium ever created and and a univeral language, the adaption training in documentary film scripting to print other “static mediums”, Splinter Cottage was able to produce up to 500 pages per year for blue chip corporations, universities, and advertising & communications firms. Combining the international visual language with the well composed English sentence produces an excellent means of business communication which is adaptable to all medias. Concepts and identities are best communicated by comparative experiences. Simply put, people remember stories that create shared experiences.

Finally, respect is the best long term market position when the day is over. And tomorrow arrives on time. We all wish to deal with quality people in developing relationships based upon what we have, positively, in common.

So, our love for good stories has provided us with forms relevant to all medias and all cultures. The stories presented here represent a continuing evolution. In short, communications are more important than repetition … if, of course, one has something to say.

Ideas are more important than branding … one can’t have enduring brands without an idea or a clue.
And quantity without quality produces junk. The world’s landscape littered with “yesterdays good ideas” is perhaps the best verification.
The removal of intelligent content from our medias has been the source of its devastation.
The elegance of one’s endeavors, is important than their size. Our culture, not our stuff, is what we leave to our children.

The best and most rewarding clients have been those with ideas and the desire to share something of value.
Client size is unimportant to us. Compared to intelligence, courtesy, and honesty, it is irrelevant.
And of course, we are smaller than almost anyone else.

In truth, we can only communicate one human being to another. That is art.


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