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everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

Jacques Lecoq, some thoughts © h. scott heist 09

Jacques Lecoq:portraits &other considerations (a draft) There are three masks: the one we think we are; the one we actually are and the one we share in common. Jacques Lecoq       The difference between an actor and a hero is a hero has something to lose.”  Albert Camus     Lecoq’s movement theater is derived from a love of considering life. A learning experience like a walk in the.. Read More

jacques lecoq: SOME MASKS © h. scott heist 09

Jacques Lecoq s school of movement theater in Paris ( ecole jacques lecoq ) is perhaps the most philosophic and innovative proponent of movement theater in the avant garde training such actors and producers as Geoffrey Rush, Julie Taymor, Simon McBurney. Photojournalist and designer of University books H. Scott Heist completed a seven year authorised visual essay whihc included te final Class taught by Lecoq himself. Portions of the photgraphic essay have run as The New York Times Arts and Leisure cover, Cover on LOndons Total Theatre Magazine and sveral spreads in American theater magazine, and have been exhibited all over the world and are perminate acqusitions to many Museum and University collections. As shorter version of the essay , The Pleasures And Terrors of a Truthful Reportage: 12 portraits of Jacques Lecoq accompanies Touchstone theatre s production of The Tempest. 12 portraits documents the friendship between the Lecoq family and Scott and his son Chris in both the portraits and private correspondence.