The View from Splinter Cottage

everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

Six stories of Paris, the… scene one ….en progress …

After, considerable thought sitting with a friend in Marais, concerning a book project from the days when Paris was neither beset by plague, nor cell phone, when people walk arm in arm, an ardent conversation in life seem to be dedicated to those endowed with sense… I realized the title for a book I named, conceptualize, produced, and finished the design and photography to a full dummy, The Six Stories of Paris title was a double entendre, also by my design. & needed to be finished. And now I could work with the second part of the entendre … The story.. My creative model was every day is a short story, in the material as I built it now contain six of my short stories … Fictional accounts of things that in a distant memory happened … Encapsulated in that Amber moment of time.