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everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

Bucks County: a visual reportage by H. Scott Heist

 Hi … my site is a series of  photographic stories which can be scanned quickly or photo text pieces to spend some time reading. Most of the text appears in the “continued” part of the entry. Enjoy them as you prefer. Scan & come back as you please. Scott  the gentle light of autumn Space defines life. Our limits, horizons and attitudes toward both. Depending upon one’s viewpoint and perspective,.. Read More

The virtual world wide table: Ahmad’s Tea

Couple of years back I met Ahmad Arafat & Chris Tabet on the campus of College of Idaho when my friend Lorna Hunter once again hired me to do a visual essay. After 16 hours worth of airports I found myself wandering the campus hoping to get oriented. There is a lovely photograph of Ahmad in Holland with a handsome lady friend, at a cafe in comfort, a smile and.. Read More