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everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

Bucks County: Bucks County, Pa a visual reportage by H. Scott Heist

 Hi … my site is a series of  photographic stories which can be scanned quickly or photo text pieces to spend some time reading. Most of the text appears in the “continued” part of the entry. Enjoy them as you prefer. Scan & come back as you please. Scott     the last of the forward  posts to be changed to our custom theme …. rather a recent take on the.. Read More

How “Lassie Come Home” Came Home … settle back, journeys take some time.

Its Pennsylvania’s Bucks County … known for its Arts community who played the markets of New York City and Philadelphia off each other. Up Winding Road, down Ghost Mountain, is Spring House Lane. Where Eric & Jere Knight made their home. Here Eric Knight wrote”Lassie, Come Home” & they lived with Toots the prototype Lassie … Toots named after Eric’s teasing Nickname for Jere if she became too proper…. Jere.. Read More

New YoRkers, broken loaves, Ginseng or Chicken Soup … what the hell, the whole crew of us is right here in fantasy land.

… The contradictions of New York City are its heartbeat .. the memories … unforgetable my friend from the NYU days said: “but its not that way any more.” Strangely, I was visiting my best friend from Paris in New York , as we talked about being kids she came into conversation … at MOMA … likely hadn’t been mentioned in conversation for more than 40 years. We were teenagers.. Read More