The View from Splinter Cottage

everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

PerplexiTudes &QuizZicals: thoughts on the portrait & how it can talk back … a reconstructed conversation

A work in progress…… From a conversation with my friend Les Whitten, the journalist and novelist, before a student senior round table where we discussed the relevance of journalism in future and how the words are becoming fewer; visuals more prevalent. My thoughts were rather surprising to Les as I saw both as Compatible languages and the problems seem to be within the trade school understanding of opposing hierarchies … Read More

Finious WHIZZES the nets

Of course, Shad Haulers take only Shad. The rest are returned to the river. One by one. Each with a shout of type for the record keeper. “Bass”, “Catfish”, “Sucker”, “carp”, “gizzard.” And then flung up through the air, to fly for the first time into the sunset, before splashing home once again. This is Finious’s time. His manner is studied. Perhaps a little rehearsed. As the fish move skyward: he barks. Almost sounding like a staccato: “Your fired!”