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comfort light & special times

Good Morning ….          H. Scott Heist: working papers &c. good memories are something to think about …. a clarity of light copyright H. Scott Heist 09 update 2015 Or life in a pleasant light: Comfort color &new beginnings …  an old post, sometimes a help of sorts is need. A thought back to days with a little magic in them. persuasive communications in special times.

Solstice – Chinatown H.Scott Heist

   Of course, it has to do with light. Our trap is ending. The rumors have been exaggerated. Soon we can see again.  That year it was cold. As Pennsylvania Decembers are supposed to be. A friend visited. Shelter from the Noir. On solstice I drove her back to the Chinatown bus. Through the cold. In the shortest day of the year. Took two Ma-1 flight jackets along with a.. Read More