Bill George, co founder of TOUCHSTONE theatre, & I have enjoyed a long relationship combining journalism & theater. Last year, we met at a diner & he asked me if I’d be interested in producing the publications for a play they are constructing based upon the history and reminiscences of Civil War Veterans in three cemeteries in Bethlehem Pa.   


These print & digital  posters were made to begin these publications by demonstrating our respect and sincerity to the families of those at rest.  Indeed after long thought, I’ve suggested “THE RESTING PLACE” as a working title and have used it on more recent posters.



My dad was a historian & teacher who used to take me to Gettysburg and Valley Forge where our granddad served. We would think about what we knew in silence. A few days later it would come up in conversation and I always found that I understood rather than learned the experience. So it an embarcation point rather than an end to itself.

Artistic and Journalistic inquiries don’t so much create answers as find them, allowing a growing glimpse into what they mean. Clearly a work in progress.


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