The View from Splinter Cottage

everyday is a short story by h. scott heist

Barbara’s Petite Political Campaign

  Barb Lindtner decided to run for supervisor a couple of years back. Many of us sensed things were going very wrong politically and unfortunately were not surprised later. This was a question of moving our Upper Bucks County Township forward.Barb had something to contribute sothe first fence to climb was getting her elected. With a little help from her friends; the Friends of Barbara Lindtner was became a reality…. Read More

the portrait: viz eh viz the university identity

Portraits tell us who we are. By describing us to ourselves as shared concepts.  Good portraits are conversations between the viewer and the viewed. &Truthful, visually authentic portraits are one of the few means of quantifying quality of life. Statements of hope and complicity. How we intend &do share the world. Instituions quickly reveal internal attitudes toward humanity and quality of life within the way they depict their people. Whether people are to be.. Read More