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Some of these, don’t register passage of time. They are not clocks. Maybe those little memorandum books whose inks have been rather permanent, of indiscernible vintage. Not impossible, if there was movement through time, the fence might have drawn a smile in Jere and Eric Knight’s day, but no perplexity or mental jangle. Possibly even, a poem.


Been discussing the 80th anniversary of the publication of “Lassie – come home”, with my dear friends and neighbors where the story began. I’ve written and posted about that story previously as well as doing three or four magazine pieces.

In the course of this stuff, going from fountain pen & typewriter, an awful ungodly number of word processing programs, the earliest under DOS was 600 bucks, then Lotus which was IBM and finally word from the gangsters at Microsoft. IBM gave them the shop.

Six different models of Leicas, seven models of Nikons, all of which were compatible and could have been used until it became impossible to function professionally with film. After that were six Fujifilm digitals, the first of which… Let’s just say calling it a camera was fighting words… But it was better than what other step backwards was orchestrated. Currently I’ve been working with the conversion of Lotus Word Pro back into rich text and then over to open office. Most of these were Fuji S3 cameras, the combination of Lotus and S3 places the material sort of the middle of the first decade of the century. I just saw an invoice for one of those cameras in the multiple thousands … In the reduction of the market, once highly skilled. There was always trade school foolishness of what kind of camera do you, but actually that has just got worse. But we would all I managed to keep the work looking like family … If you look in the middle you will see a color shift that was done with a Canon camera … Was just awfully cold for me as someone who worked film … warmed with serious 81 series filters … Over 2 pounds +2 pounds film 25 to 30 pounds cameras and lenses.

But the work was intentional and the pallet controled. And I mentioned the S3 is it was the first time, I could work pretty much as I did with film … I could press the button the photograph wasn’t of the second later. The Jacques Lecoq said: “everything moves” not the least of which is the light which travels through the photograph.

Here was a set of photographs made in Lassie’s home where I was able to follow the light. Lovely concept that doesn’t step on art with commodity. So I met it with a sort of greeting, seeing that I was, again, able to proceed with a skill practiced and honed. Reprogrammed my filtration into the bodies … Which were plastic …

In any case, it was a mitzvah to follow the light through the beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch architectural light that created a profession that I still love – while in certain points of reality – has passed.

But the art- from the hammered door latches to the wax rubbed wood -still says “values” to me … Which was the basis of both Lassie and any other art that is more than “primarily decorative” another of Jacques Lecoq’s phrases used to define the work … Likely began watching the light move across the benches on the wooden floors of the meetinghouse… all built by my relatives.

“Whatever registers the passage of time… Is a clock.” (Once read that as attributed the Albert Einstein and have not b

Could have been seen over Bucks during the Jere and Eric Knight adventure, an example of the technology that existed at the time of Lassie. Travel from Bucks County to the cities on both coasts was by train … It would’ve looked like this from the 1938 biplane banking in the air. But one would have to see and write about it … Leaving no confusion about the reality of experience. Damn good place to find values. Better discussing old programs gone meaningless.

“Whatever registers the passage of time… Is a clock.” (Once read that as attributed the Albert Einstein and have not been able to authenticate .. plea for help.

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