The portrait is from six stories of Paris, sort of novel constructed from previous work being posted in section called six stories of Paris, where the old days come back… Once again

been said and accurately, and communication is about stories. The dialogue is a comparison of our story and the persons we see represented. Perhaps the most perplexing question I’m asked, is how do we know you come back with this type portrait rather than something sketch out for you. The recent questions perplexing, is what else would I come back with after doing this for all years?

My approach to people is one person to another. Where at a time that nothing makes much sense. The behavior we see in “reality TV” is neither real nor good TV. My assumption is the art director begins by having them stuffed or finds them that way. Sadly, millions will see these photographs begin that behavior. I can’t conceive it working out well for anyone.

The French word faux … reflect both falsehood and deception. Hardly, behavior we look forward to in those meet. And my concept of a portrait is of a meeting by other means. They are visual sentences, the subject being the person, the environment the predicate, the activities taking place in their colors have adverbs and adjectives. There is no reason that I should be any less concern with language and structure when working with a camera then a pen. A visual reporter stands in for the viewer … in terms of trans-actual analysis … the camera angle grants a certain power to the viewer looking down … equality direct on and diminished by lowering.

One of my favorite portraits … And truly regret I didn’t introduce myself to someone who laughed at me with such beautiful kindness. You can see my leg in reflection of the ladies jacket. Actually I was wearing the same Doc Martens today with a pair of a jean .. then they had it stove pipe leg & pockets deep enough for 20 rolls of film.

As it was, I was making a portrait of a writer for a book jacket, trying to keep him dry while I was dripping wet myself. So the handsome ladies from the corner of my eye and realized it was perfect for another project: The Six Stories of Paris … Which I had divided into six sections, each beginning with a double-page illustrating an aspect of Baron Housman’s reconstruction. This was the wide streets with the six-story the buildings, the ground floor often given to public space.

Needed to return to my hotel … always there … on Rue St Sulpice. Get dried off, shaved and in Biz drag … or maybe Tux for the evening shoot. Possible that I never really really saw her until I edited the film. Have wondered as be both grew old.

More about this in Six Stories of Paris that I’m redoing …. my progress is here on the web … Might well be one of the stories. Also this might have been one of a number acquired by a museum. Been in several magazines and shows. I’ll leave to story of the first 6 stories … for elsewhere. S.