the post called SOAP explains cleaning Covid from different surfaces where it can last different times. The time metal is longer that cloth. It is easy to forget that clothing is not only made of cloth.

Previous work is being recycled, or as Raymond Chandler used to say:”cannibalized. ” AS its all for web, the type will be clunky for phone units. Final appear further down the thread.

all in process, all being modified

The visual intention was the oversized knife & fork to represent the parents and the children’s blocks the next generation, the patina of use the legacy of many generations, all of whom must care for each other when a self serving government abandons its responcibilities.

the final form of these web public service ads… distributed on facebook to my colleagues of so many years to send as they saw fit … and later LinkedIn …who knows what goes there … cropped the kids read sneakers out of a Crayola ad …. and the logos from Ads and magazine covers by forcing verticals in to horizontal space.

The moronity of techna-idiots so proud of their trade school educations … look at the Facebook nature of a supposed professional network … to ignorant to comprehend that the most precise (and expensive) art is created for print …Ads, Books, Magazine Covers, … all of which are vertical. How does one communicate without understanding end use and congruency?

What is the University transmitting other than bills?

Our thoughts appear to be reflections of the size of key pads and screens.

The mental difference between a digital and analog perspective is base 2 … on and off. Nothing and something never meeting, just counting. Silica & Carbon. As we battle a non living virus, we can consider that our humanity is what has kept us alive. Our relationships to each other, to our work, to our world. To accumulated knowledge.

here a paste of the cut line / head for the first LinkedIn post: ” for all these years, when there was trouble we did Public Service Ads. Lot of times for IBM and a few of the NYC Boutique Agencies (often an independent functions of the monsters.) As I locked down alone in my Bucks County Cottage (atelier), 22 acres of woods and three real smart cats, I thought, everything is here but the socially conscious clients. so …. it anyone is going to convince folks to consider society … gonna be us. The props were from an old IBM shoot. (I mean “old” IBM before it became one more of the herd.) Among others I remember Ed McCabe’s air polution ads for the Committee for a Clean New York. “Tomorrow morning open the window, take a deep breath … it will make you sick.”.”

Once upon a time, communications and fast food service had nearly nothing in common. The references went beyond bat TV and even worse “anti social” media. As a kid at the press services, we looked for disinformation … the hall mark of Soviet desinformatsiya was the purse contempt for humanity both intelligence and aesthetic. Schmucks will believe anything. With enough lying people will not know what to believe. We can drive them crazy/

My uncle worked with Salk to find the vaccine for Polio. They were able to envision and create the vaccine but would have never believed that people would not take it. When I see what is in print, I’m not hopeful. S.

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