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Today, it felt like autumn. So I sat out a bit, with my red doc’s. The way I used to at out door cafes in Europe.¬† Thinking maybe I might see or hear something worth reporting. That might make other folks smile.
The RED DOC”S were carried back from Florence to Milano¬†on the train, with two bags of cameras& one of clothing. I reserved a seat but, alas the Italian’s don’t really put the cars in numerical order. My seat being in 14, it made sense to me¬†get on 12 and walk two cars back. Which was eight. I was wrong.¬†
So I walked to 14, which was the first. Carrying all this stuff, depending on the kindness of strangers to teach me the appropriate curses in Italian.
Had coffee in a small brown soft plastic cup and a baloney and mayo sandwich. And watched the changing season.   
                                                                                                                                                                                 Enjoying both.

   and Maria,who smiled at me with both my bags and the mess I was making with the mayo.  

¬†¬†¬†¬† Maria h003_untitledelped me with the word: “Stronzo¬†” but she also told me I could simply say “Son of a Bitch” … and everyone would understand me.¬†¬†







¬† So …¬†the needs of my emergency met …

                 I told Maria of Autumn in Pennsylvania.

  And how my cats walked through the yellow grass in Bucks County.









I’d been away for some weeks.001_redshoes2







And then I came home.
Still wonder about Maria, who I think about every autumn when I put on my red shoes.
¬†Wishing her well and saying “stronzo son of a bitch” to the leaves who seem to always run away when needed most.¬†
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