the red docs … PERPlexiTUDES&QUIZzICALS

Today, it felt like autumn. So I sat out a bit, with my red doc’s. The way I used to at out door cafes in Europe. Thinking maybe I might see or hear something worth reporting. That might make other folks smile.

The RED DOC”S were carried back from Florence to Milano on the train, with two bags of cameras& one of clothing. I reserved a seat but, alas the Italian’s don’t really put the cars in numerical order. My seat being in 14, it made sense to me get on 12 and walk two cars back. Which was eight. I was wrong.

So I walked to 14, which was the first. Carrying all this stuff, depending on the kindness of strangers to teach me the appropriate curses in Italian.

Had espresso  in a small brown soft plastic cup and a baloney and mayo sandwich. And watched the changing season.

Enjoying both.

and Maria,who smiled at me with both my bags and the mess I was making with the mayo.

Maria helped me with the word: “Stronzo ” but she also told me I could simply say “Son of a Bitch” … and everyone would understand me.

So … the needs of my emergency met …

I told Maria of Autumn in Pennsylvania.

And how my cats walked through the yellow grass in Bucks County.

I’d been away for some weeks.

And then I came home.
Still wonder about Maria, who I think about every autumn when I put on my red shoes.

Wishing her well and saying “stronzo son of a bitch” to the leaves who seem to always run away when needed most.

red docs

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