©-H-Scott-Heist-2016--web-tCouple of years back I met Ahmad Arafat & Chris Tabet on the campus of College of Idaho when my friend Lorna Hunter once again hired me to do a visual essay. After 16 hours worth of airports I found myself wandering the campus hoping to get oriented.©-H-Scott-Heist-2016---#2-w

There is a lovely photograph of Ahmad in Holland with a handsome lady friend, at a cafe in comfort, a smile and lovely glass of mint tea before him. On his facebook page. Been thinking about a “world wide virtual table” where folks could “break bread” with each other in peace and good fellowship. I have been collecting recipes and concepts from celebrations of my friends the world over. We will prepare them and share as moments of grace and gifts from cultures we will begin to know. As occasions present via conversation and correspondence. So I offer Ahmad’s Tea as a welcome, a thank you, and of course as a beginning. This is the kind reply received from him on a visit home.

My friend Ahmad writes in my request for his mint tea recipe:

©-H-Scott-Heist-2016---#5it was such a good idea to actually go home and feel NOT different anymore. I just had mint tea with honey. The way we make it; we boil the water, we add fresh mint, and then wait until it boils again then we add black tea leaves or Lemon tree leaves or Guava leaves. we then wait 5-10 mins to start serving.”


Safe journeys and well wishes to all. Scott

Incidentally, both the lemon branch & the honey were from my friends Barb & Jeff Lindtner from Springhouse Farm down the road apiece, at the base of Ghost Mountain,

where Eric and Jere Knight worked out

the Lassie come home book.



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