As we go through these they share uncertainty. What are we looking at as opposed to what we are actually seeing. And even that doesn’t stay certain. The label on this was: “red dress… the purpose of red … Sometimes you just got to look.” And still I don’t know. My walking companion is gone … And still don’t know is the red dress an attraction or a warning?

2 from the Obama Inaugural Ball. the pants pf my 30’s tux and Docs in the mirror
2 from the Obama Inaugural Ball. the pants pf my 30’s tux and Docs in the mirror
South Beach, Miami… off-hours while covering the Ringling Brothers Circus. Daybreak at News Café … Late evening, mostly watching.
At one time a cover, taken from edit of a five city, it might’ve been years before we recognize the location. It was Philadelphia where I was walking, killing time of the first run of 45 rolls of Fujichrome was in process.
The pleasures and terrors of oblivion
This was after coming off the misery of recuperating from the physical mess of an accident. This project became an unexpected mental mess… Alas Hollywood has replaced history, but there were some real photographs, from actual subject rather than the conjectures of tongue-tied semi “poets” with degrees too perplexing for me to decipher. I said: “this is true, I signed on as a journalist.” To which the reply was: “semantics”. The 21st century …What the hell?
Walking around Easton, Pennsylvania. That sometimes reminding me of both New York City and London when I was a kid … In a few blocks … Once upon a time portions of the town locations for five-part TV production of the DAIN CURSE … by Dashiell Hammett … With James Coburn, sort of – Hammett look-alike is the Continental op. Directed by a guy named Swackhamer … Nice Noir period piece … Stretches along, but that’s okay because it drips with Noir.
Another from an Easton, Pennsylvania walk. The noir genre by Chandler and Dash Hammett, held an edgy elegance, when Tailors sense of collars by hand, cigarettes were not more dangerous than snubnosed .38. On the other hand, James Cain created a black hell of incest, and every sort of cheating conceived, without gold armored knights … Though I suspect they were weasels & bastards themselves. (Well maybe not bastards in that sense but in the real sense.) Both noir genres have sets … This River Town.
I think the full set of this take on Easton is located elsewhere on my site. I have to finish the sketches that go with it.
This is latte after chop-suey … Attribute Edward Hopper & his Chop Suey painting. It’s Jillian Bauer working at a café we both used to enjoy … Now gone missing. The cafe.
The perplexity here is that all this came from linear projects and fit together nicely, but as a singles seemed to be saying something else … We don’t quite know what’s happening. Most of life is like that… the mystery simply covered up by the noise. So they wait here until I know.
The pleasures and terrors of oblivion … That’s the title. Where I find myself lost in the mirror, everyone walking by … Well it fits his Washington DC … In the days they were just insane and sociopathic … Now even Dracula is run back to his castle. What’s the point, I used to think the world was better than television… Now it’s an effort to tell the difference. And in the middle of a plague … One searches differently.
The pleasures and terrors of oblivion
And the nature of the blues bar, there’s the question whether the band is playing the blues or the audience has the blues.