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An email to an editor:
Good day Sandy,
For many years I traveled about almost constantly for IBM & the New York Times etc. We made cards of our family to stay in touch with the many friends all over the world. These are a few. All were “tongue in cheek”, often after Chris raided the studio prop boxes or wore a cowboy hat brought home to Bucks county from¬†an Amex resort shoot in Big Sky Montana ¬†or an oil story in Texas. I still get requests for them after 20 some years. Also resulted in Campaigns for Crayola and other commercial accounts as well as a lot of work I did with autistic kids.  Simply based upon repore.
Thought to pass them along.
This was the first, sort of pre press

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later followed by other versions
We began to get calls for exhibitions. 
&when we visited Helen Gee, she reckognized Chris but had never seen anythig other than my handwriting.
The top hatted Christmas was an invitation to an exhibition at Lehigh University.
 this is how they looked …. real simple.
An unadorned way to send our sincere best.
As we did a rush to the lab, Chris always wanted to make his stops at the prop shops. Which he knew well from our actor friends and all the propping I prefered to do myself. .
Chris and I always referred to the cards  as “a joke between friends.” We always told some kind of story. sure miss the days when the attitude toward a shoot was so friendly. And we were truly expressing no more than that. Which in today’s atmosphere, seems pretty big stuff.

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