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good memories are something to think about ….

a clarity of light

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Or life in a pleasant light:

Comfort color &new beginnings …  an old post, sometimes a help of sorts is need. A thought back to days with a little magic in them.

persuasive communications

in special times.

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Fond memories of last nites wine, the mornings coffee & musing about memeories to keep.

Comfort levels become particularly important in tough times. Simply communicating is harder as folks are distracted by the near violence of the noise.What we used to call “static”. And the tension the daily arithmetic.It’s harder to focus when “CHICKEN LITTLE” has come home to roost.Life should be enjoyable.

Thedialog is more complicated and therelationships more complicit asamong folks sailing the same ship together.When communication is the hardest, it’s often the most important. As old habits change, opportunity presents itself for all of us to become a pleasant part of the new conversation.The best time to introduce ones self is during a pause in the conversation. Currently we certainly have that.

Perhaps, it’s as simple as being polite or cordial. Orjust approachable.In years of creating the visual content,it seems the times people have had to slow down,defineany regrouping and the resulting progress.Been that way in corporate identity publications, university recruitment, leisure & luxury materials, editorial content, and even political campaigns, everywhere I’ve worked. Media is less relevant that content. And its impression, intent. and possibilities presented.

How to begin the conversation isthe question. I’ve found thecalmness of gentle natural light, warm reassuring colors, and intelligent approach creates a positive beginning to¬†any serious visual conversation. Our buddingrelationships become a mutual exchangeof benefitsto offer each other. More likea neighbor’s recommendation. Themention of a valued bottle of wine. A pleasant evening. Experiences measured against another’s experience.

Our mutual taste. Our culture. Our complicity.rainbow-coffee-page1-72-copy96



So, please join me in a work in progress. As in where do we go from here?

Important choices are required every day, regardless of economies. The most pleasant often done first. The remainderfrequently not done at all.As considerations are longer the visual communications require staying power and the perception of stability and confidence. The manner of the goods, their surrundings and most importantly how we depict ourselves must be seamless. And inviting.


More than ever an atmosphere of quality & communications is more important than basic marketing. for goods.


The advertising”PROMISE” implemented truthfully &carried through. An assurance of a transaction with qualitative and classic staying power of the simple done very, very well.


Quality and intent should be evident from the first.Be it goods or service. One of a kind classics or the properly designed and made classics of tomorrow.

The old saw from the non creative shops of “repetitive & cheap” becomestransparently: “irritating and cheap.”

An atmosphere of carnival barking& side show theatrics isa pokerplayer’s “tell” toward the seller. Desperation?Anotherfast deal?Or simply someoneperhaps to leave the scene.

Never has the canned solution, the existing photgaphic cliche, the take it or leave, it seemed so threadbare.

Yesterday’s not so great “good ideas.” Or maybe the better ones runnin gBucks County Roads in a 32 Mg like the old days.c2a9h-scott-heist-umg55-web961

Oftenduring temporarily static periods,the kinetic answer is ability to create movementvia new market positions & relationships within a newly changing environment. Clearly, a gentle, dignified approach is more likely to have a positive reception. Particularly for quality goods and services. Both currently and to grow in the future.

I’ve never heard of a market failing because of lack of quality or truthfulness.


Or even that something about waking to a 40 year old pair of Levi’s on a 200 year old chair. And the brand new sunlite.

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Never has the concept that the quality of the communication creates the level of the transaction been truer. Or being experienced in the best light more important.

To find inspiration in the evening of an Edward Hooper-esque cityscape . Right next door.latte after chop suey-poster-different-72after returning from one of Obama’s first inaugral balls inaugral-2 poster

or the just morning coffee.

 …..  an evening glass of carefully made wine. Of local origin.winemaker96

Tough times are created by loss of value. Both in equity and perception. The forest missed because the trees have been cut to make dollar bills.

These are times that new value is created thoughtfully and by the reassurance of quality. A time to regroup. And recreate our positions.

Keeping old values that have worked.


And …begin the next step.


With a careful grace.

Ps. My friend Gale says most of these don’t look like I’m looking for work. Nthing could be further from the truth. So, “I am looking for work.”  It is simply what we see need not be a parody of what we say. Theh are complimentary and complicite. Feel free to pass these along to anyone who might care to see them. Likewise, if you prefer not t receive them, a simple e-mail will take car eof that. Thanks Scott. (Scott @


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