Long time passing. Robert just handed Chris his Aussie hat brought home from his service in WW2 … just like that … tuff Navy tour in the south pacific … always wore his Navy ID bracelet … thinking lots about the service and reason for that war these days.(Joe Crilley, Phil Powell, John Stage, Jere & Eric Knight) And related to Chis too. About 30 yrs back. S.

Just handed it to Chris … I explained what it meant as we worked our way home. His friend Tito had just gone off to the Gulf. Just talked that out too.”See People do go off, and they also come back.” And keep their kindness. We sure loved Robert for his kindness. And Grace (of course Grace was his sister and there was always Grace.)

with out the color … and with a crop … unusual for me.

Very much the old Leica M photos …. miserable grab exposure … both had their hands there for a quarter second …. no meter … no chance to move dials

Some folks ya just plain miss. S.