The artist, Sabina, a free soul in Kundera’s novel THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING set in the World of Soviet cynicism and cultural assault (social imperialism) refers to bureaucrats as “UGLIFIERS”. Her contempt is not reserved exclusively for the Soviet Architecture but also the disgusting & thoughtless MUZAK (registered trademark, may god grant us sanity) in a Swiss restaurant.

Lake Nockamixon, Bucks County, Pa Friday seemed a good day to look for a sunset , the light actually changed … a bit … had a good conversation with a fisherman in his boat. distanced from the bridge above the lake. The world remains. The wise remain, those not run over by the dopes. Watch out for them … mostly they pete & re-pete pasting w/o paying attention … even while driving.

As I see all the facebook trash in defense of the ugliness of plague and death, I’m reminded of the thousands of MacAdamic explanations of “UnBearable” that are unbearable in their pretentiousness and oblivian to the ugliness in professorial miseries that have brought us to this thoughtlessness. The exhibition of the current ‘rose garden’ or the pomposity of the classroom.

Its not unusual, that the critisism is the worst example of the problem. We are were we have been channeled.

I’m going to look for what is beautiful & elegant … the rest of this is foolishness that refuses answer. The installation of the “unbearable” is a move backward. And stupid.

Plague is death. Neither commodity nor performance. The ultimate notification that business will not take place as usual.

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